Latest publications

T. Asselborn; T. Gargot; L. Kidzinski; W. Johal; D. Cohen et al. : Reply: Limitations in the creation of an automatic diagnosis tool for dysgraphia; Npj Digital Medicine. 2019-05-09. DOI : 10.1038/s41746-019-0115-z.
A. Colicchio : User interaction design with interactive graph ; 2019-01-17.
T. Perret : Object detection for flower recognition ; 2019-01-17.
P. Golinski : CoPainter: Interactive AI drawing experience ; 2019-01-17.
J. Mion : VR with Cellulo, bringing haptic feedback to VR. ; 2019-01-17.

Latest softwares release

May 2013


chilitags 1.0.0, a new library for robust tracking of fiducial markers for augmented reality applications has been released.

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