Interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction

In a joint project with the Biorobotics Laboratory (BIOROB) at EPFL, we assisted in the evaluation of a graphical user interface to arrange adaptive furniture composed of modular robots (“Roombots“). For more information about the roombots modular robots, please visit the respective project web page: Mobile control interface for modular robots

Collaborators: Stéphane Bonardi, Jérémy Blatter, Julia Fink, Rico Möckel, Auke Ijspeert, Pierre Dillenbourg

augmented reality interface experimental set up in the room augmented reality interface

Publications and Presentations:

  • S. Bonardi, J. Blatter, J. Fink, R. Möckel, P. Jermann, P. Dillenbourg, A. Ijspeert. Design and Evaluation of a Graphical iPad Application for Arranging Adaptive Furniture. Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Ro-MAN 2012, Paris, France, September 9-13, 2012 (link)