Domestic Robots

Long-term Study on Human-Robot Interaction

In 2011, we carried out a 6-month ethnographic study with nine households to which we gave a domestic service robot (a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot). We studied people’s perception of the robot, and how usage changed over time. We also investigated (social) dynamics between the robot, members of the household, other cleaning tools, and the environment. Finally, we identified several factors that impact the acceptance and process of adoption of robots in homes.

Roomba study: coffee table on sofa Roomba study: child showing his Roomba Roomba study: robotic vacuum-cleaner on carpet

The study contributes to a general understanding of (long-term) HRI in homes and can serve as a basis to make suggestions for the design of domestic robots.

Collaborators: Julia Fink, Valérie Bauwens, Frédéric Kaplan, Pierre Dillenbourg

Our acknowledgments go to all the families and households that particpated in the study and to iRobot Switzerland for the discount of the Roombas.


Publications and Presentations: