Anthropomorphism and anthropomorphic design of robots

We conducted a content analysis of online forums about Roomba, AIBO, and the iPad to examine the usage and context of anthropomorphic language when writing about different types of technologies/robots. We investigated topics of interest to robot owners and how various language cues were used to relate to different kinds of interactive devices. The study revealed that anthropomorphism seems to be related to the shape, functionality, and interaction possibilities of a device, as well as to the topic of the conversation.

Collaborators: Julia Fink, Frédéric Kaplan, Omar Mubin, Pierre Dillenbourg

AIBO robotic dog, Roomba vacuum cleaning robot, and an ipad


We have been investigating people’s tendency to anthropomorphize robots (and technologies, and other objects) in several interaction studies, especially with child participants. We are now analyzing these results from both a psychological, and cognitive point of view, and also integrate findings from previous research in various fields. At the moment, we are working on a model that describes the dynamics in anthropomorphism that we found in our work.

Collaborators: Julia Fink, Séverin Lemaignan, Pierre Dillenbourg, Claire Braboszcz (Univeristé de Genève)


Publications and Presentations:

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