About GroundIt


GroundIt and InstaFeedback are solutions that help larger teams to increase their mutual knowledge in real-time while in a meeting or a presentation.

These solutions were created to tackle the lack of mutual knowledge awareness in group collaboration, which is detrimental to achieving the desired outcomes and successfully completing given projects.

Conceptually, GroundIt was loosely built on the theory of Grounding by Clark. To ensure the use of the technology is appropriate for the type of meeting people have, two evolutions of this system (InstaFeedback and CooPilot) have been built.

InstaFeedback is a tool that redesigns the notion of questionnaire in a novel way, enabling meetings with larger number of attendants or asymmetric participation to benefit from mutual knowledge awareness. It provides short questions that people answer on the spot, providing anonymous real-time (instant) feedback of all the responses and generated content to everyone.

For information about CooPilot, please visit the project’s page.