New: Position of  Open Rank Professor in Digital Vocational Education 

All information is here.

We are looking for 3  postdoctoral researchers, starting in Summer 2019.

The researcher swill be hosted in the CHILI  lab, which belongs to EPFL School of Computer Science. About 20 researchers develop new tools for education, including AR, AI/ML, tangible interfaces and several projects in educational robotics. It is located in the architecture lighthouse, the Rolex Learning Center. Participation into teaching and lab management activities is included. Each position is annually renewed for a maximum of 3 years. Starting date is summer 2019. Salary ranges between 80K and 85K Swiss Francs (± same in $) depending upon experience. Working conditions are close to perfect at EPFL: top 5 science&tech university in Europe, great lab funding, top students recruited, beautiful campus on Geneva lakeshore, high quality of life outside work, gorgeous nature, democracy, etc. These positions will be also associated to LEARN, the new EPFL Center for Learning Sciences

Inquiries: Contact P. Dillenbourg, director of CHILI Lab,

Applications: send your curriculum and what you consider as your best paper to the same address.

Postdoctoral researcher in human-robot interaction

EPFL is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in human-robot interaction (HRI), geared towards educational applications. The candidate will also be affiliated to MOBOTS lab, which belongs to EPFL School of Engineering and is namely known for developping the Thymio robots (>46’000 copies have been sold to school and parents). Both labs are deeply involved in LEARN, the EPFL Center for Learning Sciences, as well as in the NCCR Robotics, a large research program that brings together over 20 robotics labs nationwide. The role of the candidate will be to supervise and contribute to several projects related to educational robotics: Co-WriterThymioTegamiCellulo and Animatas (EU).  They currently involve 6 PhD students and about 5 undergraduates per semester. Candidates should have PhD in CS, Robotics or Machine Vision and an interest for user studies and human learning. She or he will have excellent programming skills, interest for hardware and robot prototyping and have conducted some HRI or Educational Technologies research before.

Postdoctoral researcher in learning technologies for vocational education 

EPFL is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in learning technologies for vocational education. We developed a platform called REALTO as it intends to bridge the gap that exist in dual systems between what apprentices (bakers, florists, painters,…) do at their workplace and what they learn at school. The position is part of the Leading House DUAL-T. It involves 3 PhD students working respectively on picture annotation, on augmented reality and on machine learning. The ideal candidate will have a dual background in education and in computer science. Speaking German would be an additional strength of the candidate.

Postdoctoral researcher in learning sciences or learning technologies

EPFL is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in learning science.  During the first year of the project (2019-2020), this person with follow-up several master theses being conducted in EdTech star-ups and to prepare the launch of a joint doctoral programme in the learning  sciences with ETHZ  (2021-2025)

Several other positions are currently available at LEARN, the new EPFL for Learning Sciences.